Various Artists
Kiosque Of Arrows 2
Compiled by Tolouse Low Trax
Bureau B
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1Macromassa – El Consecuente Aspecto De Geometria
2The Stupid Set – Basset
3DsorDNE – Il Senso Di Torpore
4Techno Twins – Donald & Julie Go Boating
5Venus In Furs – La Valse De Salon
6Javier Segura – Camino Largo
7Bassae – Oedipa Maas Y Los Atomos
8Lydia Tomkiw – Hot June Evening
9Iueke & Lippie – Van Gogh - La Farandole Op1
10Kaoru Hirose – Dah-May-Yoo
11Viola Renea – Chariot Of Palace

"Kiosque Of Arrows 2" is Detlef Weinrich’s (a.k.a. Tolouse Low Trax) first compilation for Bureau B.

Eleven tracks of unique pop fusions meander through states of casualness, a nocturnal thirst for adventure, and the intense yearnings of hot, sultry afternoons with an uneven and brittle quality. It all helps to pinpoint Tolouse Low Trax as artist and curator in the grander scheme of things, whilst evoking the spirit of countless nights at the Düsseldorfer Salon des Amateurs.