Alessandro Di Puccio
One Instrument Sessions 04
One Instrument
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1Autumn Jig (Ludwig Musser M55 Pro-Vibe Vibraphone 1983)1:52
2Wandering (Ludwig Musser M55 Pro-Vibe Vibraphone 1983)2:12
3Transparent Shapes (Ludwig Musser M55 Pro-Vibe Vibraphone 1983)2:21

Certain to become a collectors item, 'One Instrument Sessions - Alessandro Di Puccio’ pressed onto 7” vinyl and will run a very limited edition of only 100 copies. On this record One Instrument presents their most minimal work to date; three one-take vibraphone tracks recorded by Alessandro Di Puccio eighteen years ago.

The tracks are a selection from eleven pieces that were originally created for a theatre piece called “Il silenzio è d’oro” (“Silence is golden”). After 18 years of being kept in a drawer in Di Puccio’s home, these previously unreleased works will finally see the light of day. Short and powerful, these tracks suddenly break the silence and reflect Di Puccio’s interest in evoking virtuous and tender emotions. “One Instrument Sessions - Alessandro Di Puccio” gives the listener a feeling of simultaneously being tenderly cradled and awakened. Playful and bright, the tracks reflect the joyful nature of the vibraphonist and composer who since 1986 has been experimenting and collaborating with many internationally renowned musicians. He has been the director of two jazz music schools and is currently the director of the Jazz Department of the Florence Music Academy.

Composed and produced by Alessandro Di Puccio. Mastered by Giuseppe Tillieci at Enisslab Studio, Rome. Original artwork by Alejandra García and Marco Ciceri.