Sissi Rada
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Roland Barthes, in his 1982 book, »Structuralism and After«, suggests that a diary, instead of presenting its writer with the question: »Who Am I?«, actually declares a far more droll question: »Am I?«.

It is this question, this unusual dry amusement that is provoked by the absurd habit of keeping notes, setting milestones and authorizing canons in a process such as human life - that in reality is based on the randomness of nature - that harpist, composer and singer-songwriter Sissi Makropoulou also known as Sissi Rada, encapsulates in the title of her new album, »Aporia« a greek word that could be translated as ›wonder‹. And it is this exact process, this ›ritual de lo habitual‹ that manifests inconspicuously throughout the ten beautiful songs that Sissi offers in this album.

Her lyrics, nine out of ten in her native greek language, are humble manifestations of the miracle of life, the troubles of love, the thoughts that span through a human mind while performing simple tasks, educated by her love and natural inclination to poetry, read like small vignettes, or marginalia notes on a diary that is of constant flux.

Recorded, mixed and produced by Sissi alone, in her Athens’ home, using a spartan but powerful instrumentation of harp, a Prophet synthesizer, and first and foremost her intimate and enchanting voice, ‘Aporia’ stands out with its simplicity and familiarity, like a page out of a diary, shared with a blush and a witty smile.