Slim Smith
My Conversation (1967-1973)
Radiation Records
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11Let Me Go Girl
2Build My World Around You
3Give Me Some More Of Your Loving
4Watch This Sound
5My Conversation
6Version Of Love (Aka Lessons Of Love)
7Girl Of My Dreams
8My Woman's Love
9The Beatitude
21Keep That Light
2Love Power
3This Feeling
4Sunny Side Of The Sea
5I'm Lost
6Please Don't Go
7Will You Still Love Me
8Stand Up & Fight
9Where Do I Turn
10Three Times Seven
11Love & Affection
12If It Don't Work Out
13Sitting In The Park
14The Time Has Come

One of the best-loved reggae singers of all time. Responsible for many perennial hits that have remained popular with fans since their recording in the late 1960s and early 70s, Slim Smith achieved a lasting influence that trumps the brevity of his vocation and the terribly tragic death that cut everything short. This retrospective includes tracks from Slim Smith & The Uniques period such as Let Me Go Girl, My Conversation, Girl Of My Dreams. These immortal gems and more are collected on the first record of this double-disc set, giving clear indication of the group’s tightness and Smith’s exceptional ability in the lead. The second disc collects plenty of examples of his solo career, beginning with a tasteful version of Keep The Light, Love Power, and This Feeling. The rhythms of many of Slim’s best-loved records have been recycled countless times over in subsequent decades, keeping his spirit very much within our contemporary musical landscape.