Milan Knízák
Aktual Univerzita
Sub Rosa
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Digipack, incl. 12 page booklet
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1Milan Knizak – Aktual Univerzita 33:10
2Milan Knizak – Broken Suite 23:30

Milan Knizak canonical text Aktual University, dating from 1967, contains ten short lectures outlining the university's character - On Conflict, On Dreams, On Revolutions, On Love, On Belief, On Art, etc. These lectures were to serve as inspirational schemes for lectures, seminars and discussions held at an ideal university.

In the first piece, Aktual University, Milan Knizak reads his own text, with Opening Performance Orchestra providing the musical accompaniment. It was performed live in October 2019 at the Movement-Sound-Space festival in Opava, where this recording was made. The second track, titled Broken Suite, is a studio remix, in which Opening Performance Orchestra used fragments and quotations from Milan Knizák's compositions, conceived over the past fifty years, applying the "broken" method. The majority of them are made public for the very first time in the newly created Broken Suite. The booklet features English translations of ten Aktual University lectures, as well as Milan Knizak's contemporary initiation text.