Hielo Boca Remixes
Malka Tuti
Malka Tuti 0028
180gr vinyl
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1Niebla (Tapan Remix)
2Voj A Ver (Eva Geist Remix)
3Tocar Las Cosas (Khidja's Beneath the forrest floor Remix)
4Nonja (Philipp Otterbach Remix)

Decha’s Hielo Boca LP was embraced by many as an exceptional experimental yet soulful piece of art. this record presents 4 remixes that are as imagintive, inspirational and clever as the original composition. Tapan, Eva Geist, Khidja & Philipp Otterbach took upon themselves to reconstruct Viktoria’s ideas in very surpris- ing, intriguing and “out of the box” ways.