The Stand
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Hybrid-vinyl: Picture-Disc on one side (no music), black vinyl on the other (music)
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1Victory Beat 5:24
2The Fence 11:11
3I Zone 2:04

Excepter is the creation of No-Neck Blues Band member John Fell Ryan founded in 2002. Their records have been released on labels such as Load, Fusetron and Animal Collective's Paw Tracks. Most of their improvisational live shows have been recorded and released on the band's website. A new album will be coming out this year on the Blast First (petite) label.The Stand includes three new recordings featuring Lala Harrison Ryan and John Fell Ryan's son John Victory. Victory was only 18 months old when he performed his vocals. The Fence was originally used as the soundtrack to their piece in the Museu Berardo exhibit in 2012 (Link: collectable vinyl-only release (no repress!) on a new format. Cut by Lupo at Calyx Mastering.

Volume 6 in Dekorder's series of highly limited Hybrid-Vinyl 12" releases to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the label. It comes out simultaneously with Vol. 5 (Experimental Audio Research) and 7 (Black To Comm). Previous entries in the series had been exclusive releases by Pye Corner Audio, Ensemble Economique, Kemialliset Ystävät and Alien Radio.Future contributions will feature new & exclusive recordings by Leyland Kirby, Bill Kouligas (PAN Records) and Vindicatrix. Hybrid-Vinyl is a newly devised combination of a Picture-Disc on one side and a regular vinyl release on the other. The audio will be cut into the black vinyl side to utilise the superior audio quality of classic vinyl (compared to the often weaker sounding picture disc pressings).