Shifted Phases
The Cosmic Memoirs Of The Late Great Rupert J. Rosinthrope
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180g vinyl
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1solar wind
2white dwarf
3waveform cascades
4dance of the celestial druids
5the freak show
6implosive regions
7lonely journey of the comet bopp
8crossing of the sun ra nebula
9the cosmic memoirs scattering pulsars
10alien vessel distress call

Reissue the sole output from Shifted Phases. Initially released in 2002, soon after James Stinson passed away, this LP plays a mysterious and compelling role in the Drexciya journey. While other records of Drexciya and related projects have received numerous reprints and editions, this one has remained out of print since its release. This rarity leaves it more open to interpretation with its place in the Drexciyan storm series, as it became increasingly hard to find and underexplored.

The mythology of Drexciya is evident in how keenly James Stinson and Gerald Donald created their imaginary worlds. There is an undisputable reference to another Afro-futurist who delved deep into a galaxy of their own making.