Force Placement
Vibe Repair
100% Silk
SILK 119
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1Juicy Detail
2Attractive Opposite (Hush Mix)
3Tickling The Ivory
4Hard Water
5Bubble Guts
6Range Of Motion
8Vibe Repair
10Warmest Color

Black Lodge mainstay Jason James explains his freshest Force Placement track pack as “a hazy late night vibe... songs you play on your way home from the rave: bottom heavy enough to stay awake but kind of heady and tripped out.” Sculpted from sketches conceived during early morning post-party sessions, Vibe Repair snakes, slinks, and slides through various fogged comedown rhythms, from noir house to dusty breaks to empty alley jack.

James cites “classic jazz, funk, hip-hop & ambient” as his recent listening cross-section, which slip in and out of focus on these 10 smoky sleepwalker steppers, channeling the bleary bump of a sound system in a busted building down the block on an unlit street. The night’s late but not lost – repair the vibe.