Pat Thomas
New Jazz Jungle: Remembering
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1One Nation 5:46
2Remembering 5:05
3The Way To Heaven 5:57
4Who Are The Strangers 6:46
5Repentance 6:00
6Precious Gift 6:57
7The Reply 6:58
8As You Well Know 6:47
9It's True 6:51
10No Surprises 5:47

Vinyl reissue of Pat Thomas’ »New Jazz Jungle: Remembering«. The album was originally released on CD in 1997, at a time when Pat had already spent years playing on the free improvisation circuit with the likes of Lol Coxhill and Derek Bailey. 10 tracks of bass heavy jungle breaks, which are intersected with vocal and orchestral samples, and layers of percussion rotating at varying time signatures. It’s in this fashion that the album seems to present itself: in layers.

Thomas identified jungle’s weirdness and intensity and saw a space open for his own interpretation, on New Jazz Jungle: Remembering he utilises his classical training and knowledge of the tonal systems used by 20th century composer’s Schoenberg and Webern, and fuses that with his earlier experiences using electronics, keyboards & sampling techniques