Sean McCann
Saccharine Scores
Includes Instant Download
Edition of 200, signed and numbered, 132 page book, 6" x 9"
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1Portraits of Friars (2018)26:02
2Pistons (2017)17:00
3Victorian Wind (2014)7:48
4Passing-Ship (2018)8:55

An album/artbook documenting Sean McCann’s recent chamber compositions. Ranging from the 10-person ensemble performance of "Portraits of Friars" at Fylkingen, Stockholm in February 2018, to his first quartet piece "Victorian Wind" performed in Toronto in 2014. McCann’s scores leak pastoral and bizarre passages, dancing in the banal beauty of sound poetry. The performances feature guest musicians Sarah Davachi, Zachary Paul, Geneva Skeen, Celia Eydeland, Maxwell August Croy and more.

The book holds in-depth scores, program notes, and photography by McCann. A lovely compliment to finger through while you lay down to listen to the disc. It holds text and imagery from the pieces, along with musical notation.

"I had the great pleasure to perform on two of the pieces within this unique collection of Sean’s work. What I admire most about Sean’s process is his ability to synthesize various prosaic experiences of day-to-day life so delicately and so beautifully within numerous contexts – music, speech, sound, text, visual imagery, and physical space. Although these four works each offer a particular frame to an indefinite moment, they are united in my mind by a sort of latent simplicity. Their classical orientation is unconventional – it is not the pastoral mechanism at work here per se, but rather the lingering aftertaste of a place and a time, unfolding in a decidedly visceral manner. Hearing these works again in their recorded format, I am reminded of the deliberate hand behind the composition, and the careful pacing and placement of the musical experience here, both as it manifests in the player’s awareness and as it is quietly subsumed into the elegant folds of the collective whole." - Sarah Davachi