San Francisco's First And Only Rock 'n' Roll Band: Live 1978
Superior Viaduct
Ltd. translucent blue vinyl, incl. 35-minute movie on DVD
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1Feel The Beat 1:23
2Rockabilly Drugstore 1:47
3Out Crowd 2:27
4Baby, You're So Repulsive 1:58
5Crime Wave 1:24
6Piss On Your Dog 2:42
7I Knew This Nurse 2:14
8San Francisco's Doomed 2:11
9Instrumental Instrumental 1:40
10I Stupid Anyway 2:02
11Murder By Guitar 4:13

One of the most savagely cool and confrontational punk acts in history, CRIME famously dubbed themselves "San Francisco's First and Only Rock 'N' Roll Band." This inflammatory claim was supported by unpredictable live shows that often ended in riots.

In 1978, film producer Larry Larson captured CRIME in their natural habitat, the dimly-lit nightclub Mabuhay Gardens. They looked and sounded more severe than anyone in San Francisco was ready for. The footage sat dormant for decades, until now!

Edited and directed by Jon Bastian, the recently completed movie features archival live performances and unruly behind-the-scenes straight from the original 16mm color film. A vital document of the group – Frankie Fix, Johnny Strike, Ron The Ripper and Hank Rank – as well as North Beach's sordid scene: parading punks, square thrill-seekers and Fab Mab promoter Dirk Dirksen's provocative emceeing.

Superior Viaduct presents this first-time release of the 35-minute movie on DVD and double 7" of its soundtrack. Feel the beat – it's CRIME time.