Nurse With Wound
Brained By Falling Masonry/Cooloorta Moon
Dirter Promotions
LP (picture disc)
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1Brained By Fallen Masonry
2A Short Dip In The Glory Hole
3Cooloorta Moon
4A Piece Of The Sky Is Missing

It could be argued that these are the definitive NWW EPs. Both EPs marked a distinctive change in the NWW sound. »Brained...« from 1984 showcases NWW at their mid 80’s finest. The relentless churning and uncompromising music of »Brained...« is complimented by the eccentric mania of JG Thirlwell’s vocals. »Cooloorta Moon« from 1989 takes us in a whimsical direction and further highlights the boundless originality of NWW. The evolution of NWW utilising more traditional instrumentation and bordering on the verge of song structures started coming to the fore on this EP. In addition to all the original songs from the Cooloorta and Brained EPs, the 2010 track, »Sarah’s Beloved Aunt« perfectly closes this collection.

Lovingly remastered by Andrew Liles.