Smalltown Supersound
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1Composition 1
2Composition 2
3Composition 3
4Composition 4
5Composition 5
6Composition 6
7Composition 7
8Composition 8
9Composition 9
10Composition 10
11Composition 11
12Composition 12
13Composition 13
14Composition 14
15Composition 15
16Composition 16
17Composition 17

The first new Deathprod studio project since 2019, »Compositions« is the result of an intense period at his legendary Audio Virus Lab studio in central Oslo. All tracks are released in chronological order – in other words, the order in which they were recorded. Sten used a personal, unique combination of obsolete digital audio processors and sound generators, combined with his own secret-sauce tuning system. His specialty is a deeply atmospheric, grainy minimalism that slows time down and explores the very particles of sound itself.

Lead single »Composition 1« doubles as »Compositions’« opening track, and looms over its nearly 4-minute runtime. An eerie and sparse track, it gently submerges listeners in Deathprod’s new soundscape. On »Compositions,« the music can sound forbidding and alien at first, but compared to his more brutal output, it’s an extraordinarily close and intimate experience, directing your attention to a succession of ever more spellbinding details and textures.