Broken English Club
White Rats III
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1Drowning Song
2Burning Sun
3Alone In The Hunt
4The Kill
5Shadows and Tall Trees
6They Burned The Villages
7Lord Of The Flies
8Love Cuts Deeper
9A Quiet Furnace

Oliver Ho’s techno/noise/industrial project Broken English Club returns to L.I.E.S. Records for the last chapter in the White Rats trilogy. The three albums have been a caustic portrait of the human animal, taking in metallic synth wave experiments, heavy club techno and cinematic electronic vignettes.

The third and final record begins with "Drowning Song", a sound collage of noise and television news footage, it is a portrait of England declining and turning in on itself in a desperate attempt to reclaim a fantasy of national identity. It sets the tone for a lot of the album, which examines the darkness and violence of nationalism and xenophobia. "Alone In The Hunt" introduces heavy broken beats, droning mono synth and Oliver’s trademark dead eye vocals that have been a signature of the Broken English Club sound. We continue further with clanking steel metal techno, ambient noise pieces and slow motion synth excursions throughout. The track, Love Cuts Deeper acts as a respite from the repressive mood of the album, its atmosphere, soul and melody bring memories of Soft Cell and Coil. We finish the journey with the heavy percussive minimalism of "A Quiet Furnace" and the last track, Wars, a melancholic overload of ambient synth and caustic noise.... The White Rats trilogy now is finally complete.