Ron Morelli
Hospital Productions
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1Radar Version
2Modern Paranoia
3Crack Microbes
4Sledghammer II
5Fake Rush
6Director Of
7No Real Reason
8Slow Drown

The L.I.E.S. captain debuts under his own name with this grotty grip of hardware House and industrial techno tape deviations for Hospital Productions. "The music on this record is about immediacy, pressure, monotony and stress. A great deal of the feelings conveyed come from the fear and repulsion of basic human interaction… like if someone sitting behind you on the plane sneezes on you or being forced to shake the clammy hand of a stranger and the intimate paranoias of the mind and dealing with it or not. Not to make some deep intellectual fuck show of this, as it is not… it's just stress music… jammed out quick and recorded. Last year I was staying in an area where all the hookers did their work… all they would do is smoke cigarettes, read the paper, talk on their cellphones, and spit. They would spit… A LOT. I would step in that hooker spit on the way home, often tracking it into my apartment building as I entered. This is where the title of the record comes from." So there you have it, in Ron's own words, the background behind one of the most anticipated albums of the year... (Boomkat)