Master Wilburn Burchette
Opens the Seven Gates of Transcendental Consciousness
Numero Group
LP (red)
12-page insert
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1Dawn of Awakening 4:57
2Regeneration 4:59
3Transformation 4:47
4Piercing the Psychic Heart 4:03
5Invoke the Name of God 3:41
6Introversion 3:42
7Realization 6:23

California mail-order mystic Master Wilburn Burchette was first known from his ads, hidden in the back pages of Fate Magazine, Beyond Reality, and Gnostica News. On his 1972 sophomore album, Burchette channels dreamy early music, druid folk, electric fingerstyle, psychedelic balladry, and new age ontology to create a visionary guitar technique all his own. This faithful reproduction includes the original 12-page full color instruction book for the secret method of piercing the psychic heart.