Felix Kubin und das Mineralorchester
II: Music for Film and Theatre
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1Krew 1:51
2Wojna 4:32
3Sztylet 3:53
4Game Over 0:37
5Menuett I 3:04
6Küchenmusic 3:09
7Brief 1:38
8Banquo 2:12
9Hexen 3:39
10Menuett II 2:29
11Sexmord 2:46
12Traumtanz 1:59
13Somnambule 10:07
14Hexen (Version)3:47
15Weberfabrik 2:54

Here's the long awaited 2nd volume of soundtrack works by German Pop and Avantgarde Futurist Felix Kubin on the Dekorder label, following 2008's "Music for Theatre and Radio Play".

Some of Kubin's most adventurous and far-reaching music stems from his commissioned works for films, theatre and radio plays. Freed from conventional song formats and genre stereotypes he effortlessly combines Musique Concrète noises, splashes of haunted virtual orchestras, Gameboy music minuets and voice collage interspersed with tons of suspense and gloomy industrial atmospheres.

"Music for Film and Theatre" compiles 11 tracks from Polish director Robert Florczak's "Makbet Remix" (based on William Shakespeare's "Macbeth"), a waltz from Schorsch Kamerun's "Des Kaisers neue Kleider" (by Hans Christian Andersen) and the complete soundtrack (including the actual sound design) for Anke Feuchtenberger's animation short "Somnambule".

Felix Kubin is a renowned composer and producer of radio plays based in Hamburg. In recent years he has released futuristic Pop Music on the legendary Zick Zack label, weirdo Big Band Jazz with Mitch & Mitch as well as the more experimental ode to the compact cassette "Chromdioxidgedächtnis". Over the past 10 years he has composed several major works for modern classical ensembles: "Echohaus" with ensemble Intégrales (released on Dekorder) "Falling Still" for Ensemble Resonanz and a boys' choir, premiered this year at Hamburg's Laiszhalle Symphony Hall and "Lunatyk" for Mi_osz P_kala. His radio play "Orphée Mécanique" was awarded "Radio Play of the Year" in 2012 and "Best Audio Book 2014". Kubin's first recordings date back to his teenage years in the early 1980's (reissued in 2012 on the Minimal Wave label), followed by his electroacoustic noise duo Klangkrieg and the dada-communist Liedertafel Margot Honecker.