Abul Mogard
Circular Forms
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2019 Repress, black vinyl
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1Slate coloured Storm 5:31
2Bound Universe 6:45
3Half Light Of Dawn 6:49
4House On The River 16:36

Unfolding through a 40 minute synthesiser suite in four parts, 'Circular Forms' is one of the most captivating examples of Mogard's deeply evocative music, drawing out a sort of direct emotional quality from his limited set-up of Farfisa organs and a self-built modular system.

At this point his backstory bears repeating: Mogard worked in a Serbian factory for most of his life, and upon retirement began making synth music to remind him the harmonic buzz and drone of heavy machinery. Between 2012 - 2013 he issued his first works on tape thru Steve Moore's VCO Records, followed most recently by a gorgeous split vinyl for Emotional Response.

But this one for Ecstatic is our favourite yet, framing three misty-eyed visions with perfectly suited titles such as 'Slate-Coloured Storm' and 'Half Light of Dawn' on the front, backed with the 16 minutes of slow and tortuous valerian bliss of 'House of the River' on the back.