Informations Of Death + Oscillator (Live At Banana Moon Club On Winter 1979)
Spittle Records
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1Informations Of Death
2D.I.N.A. (live at Punto)

»Informations of Death« is a key single from the proto-ebm Florence band Neon, their 1980 official debut with an early duo line-up comprised of Marcello Michelotti and Stefano Gasparinetti. The single is now released on double vinyl, accompanied by a 1979 live performance, recorded at the legendary Bananamoon Club in Florence.

Side A
1 Information of Death
2 D.I.N.A. live at Punto

Side B
1 Neon 11:02
2 Neon 10:39

Side C
1 Neon 06:10
2 Neon 07:12
3 Neon 05:54

Side D
1 Neon 06:50
2 Neon 08:32