Dip Friso
Crocodile or Real?
Real Landscapes
Silkscreened sleeve
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1Crocodile or Real
3Good Morning
4Zig Zag Serpentine
5Seventh Dub
6That Is Ugly (Whats Going On-)
7Danger Waters
8Storm Clouds
10On The Platform
11In The Carriage
12Last Train (To Glasgow Central)

Crocodile or Real? A ghost dub broadcast shaped from a special K.

Over-ripe bananas and quaaludes, looking across the concrete at screeching burn outs resonating into echo-streaked good morning sunshine.

Beat a zig zag serpentine passage, and drift towards solid ground on the platform, are you coming down? Ported and stacked, slip into a stuttering seventh dub.

Alarm bells and scattering footsteps in the carriage, that is ugly (what’s going on?)

Space liquid danger waters, sink or swim, float forward inside out, Queens Park conga, last train (to Glasgow Central).

Perfect storm clouds, take a beat dub cut-up bud, splash it out.

Wherever you are, listen in, K