Mike Cooper & Jason Kolàr
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1Resemblance of Percussive Acts 2:52
2Mirage Dance Pageant 4:11
3Continental Drift 3:25
4Poinciana 3:33
5Bog 3:33
6Lo Spettacolo della Scarpetta 2:16
7Swan Whisperer 3:23
8Inner Sound World 3:59
9Soupspoon and Tiki 3:43
10Inna won ear/outa nudder 4:45

Nestled beside the sea and a cluster of palm trees, La Malvarrosa, the neighborhood in Valencia where Cooper resides, derives its name from a fusion of "Malva," meaning mauve, and "Rosa," meaning pink. Here, La Malvarrosa serves as the primary backdrop for the recordings, symbolizing two distinct colors and artistic approaches.

These hues become the emblematic colors of a fictitious flag from an imagined island located on a forgotten expanse of ocean. From this ethereal site, melodies emerge, seeking to unravel the essence of certain insular music while intertwining with Cooper's post-everything sensibilities and Kòlar's minimalist electronics. "Mauve/Pink" navigates the delicate balance between playfulness, intricacy, and simplicity, blurring boundaries between tradition and innovation, reality and imagination, change and repetition.

The album serves as a showcase for contrasting methodologies and viewpoints, acting as a sonic document of an ongoing conversation between generations, where Cooper and Kòlar's efforts illuminate a boundless creative process and timeless aesthetics.