Daniele Di Gregorio
One Instrument
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1Sciame (Adams Alpha Marimba)3:44
2Enigma (Adams Alpha Marimba)2:15
3Bosco (Adams Alpha Marimba)3:23
4Viaggio (Adams Alpha Marimba)2:17
5Corale (Adams Alpha Marimba)3:17
6Treno (Adams Alpha Marimba)3:16
7Sguardi (Adams Alpha Marimba)2:04
8Appuntamento (Adams Alpha Marimba)3:13
9Racconto (Adams Alpha Marimba)3:22
10Respiri (Vienna Symphonic Library Trumpet)3:40
11Ribattuti (Vienna Symphonic Library Trumpet)2:10
12Imperfezione (Vienna Symphonic Library Trumpet)3:17
13Atollo (Petrof Grand Piano)4:37

»Atollo« is the debut solo album of the Italian percussionist and composer Daniele Di Gregorio, a virtuoso of the marimba and the vibraphone who has worked with a large number of artists, including Donato Dozzy, Giorgio Gaslini, Tony Scott, Randy Becker, Luis Agudo, as well as Mina, Andrea Bocelli, Fabio Concato, Malika Ayane, and many others. He also has a long-standing collaboration with poet and composer Paolo Conte.

His latest work »Atollo« is divided into three very different sound paths. The first and most extended section is entirely played with the marimba, an instrument that is still fairly new and in full evolution. Some pieces have been performed using special gloves and see the over-layering of two marimbas, in order to build polyrhythmic designs and hypnotic sequences. Other marimba pieces have been performed in “solo” versions using soft, medium and hard mallets.

Secondly we encounter the trumpets of the Vienna Symphonic Library, which pieces after dissecting sound by sound build up the compositions with overlapping rhythmic and melodic loops. »Atollo« the piece that gives the title to this album is the closing track and is created with the Petrof Grand Piano, an evocative and hypnotic piece intended to describe the sound of the sea and the movement of its waves.

All the compositions are deliberately descriptive of the title they take, and are a sonic journey into the composer's past and present.

Composed and performed by Daniele Di Gregorio
Produced and mixed by Niccolò Di Gregorio
Mastered by Luca Sammartin
Original artwork and layout by Marco Ciceri