Rite Of Passage
Cat | Sun
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1Rite 1 7:53
3Rite 2 6:39
4Rite 3 6:50
5Music Of The Frogs 2:01
6Rite 11 6:39
7Rite 4 2:34
8Rite 6 7:01

Rite of Passage is a continuation and opposition for the last album made by Mirt – Heading South. Like its predecessor it is a kind of modern soundtrack for some non-existent trash movie. The title is taken from one of the episodes of Miami Vice. Some voices are taken from old zombie movies. It sounds like a joke, but right now there is a significant change going on in Mirt’s music and it really can be a kind of rite of passage for him. There aren’t that many rich, multilayered textures, there is less of chaotic backgrounds, but more of hypnotic repetitive sequences. His music becomes more minimalistic and dark. Rhythms once hidden are now distinguished. However, you can still feel strange, cinematic atmosphere of previous Mirt's recordings. Each track was made just in one take using modular synth, without any further mixing or overdubbing.