Shooting Spires
Altin Village & Mine
AVM 026 LP
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1Right 3:17
2Embers 3:03
3Quarantine 2:46
4Alive and Well 4:22
5A Million Drops 2:02
6Hollow Yell 2:24
7Sky for a Sea 4:18
8Silent Alarms 2:42
9Anachronism 3:04
10At Last at Least 2:36

Shooting Spires is the solo debut by BJ Warsaw of art-rock trio Parts & Labor and predictably it sounds like a Parts & Labor album minus the other two guys. But zooming in on Warsaw's naked compositions is illuminating: A consummate bedroom production, the record fizzes and shivers with atmospheric pop that theorizes a lo-fi version of TV On The Radio with hints of Neutral Milk Hotel and Guided by Voices. »Alive And Well« is the album's zenith and a song that's suspended so precisely between Brian Eno, Robert Pollard, and Jeff Mangum that it rises to the level of all three.