Der Lange Marsch
Kompakt 466 LP
2024 repress, gatefold sleeve
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1Der Lange Marsch 1
2Der Lange Marsch 2
3Der Lange Marsch 3
4Der Lange Marsch 4
5Der Lange Marsch 5
6Der Lange Marsch 6
7Der Lange Marsch 7
8Der Lange Marsch 8
9Der Lange Marsch 9
10Der Lange Marsch 10
11Der Lange Marsch 11

At the latest with the release of the albums "Zauberberg" and "Königsforst", in the mid-1990s, one associates GAS, Wolfgang Voigt's very own artistic cross-linking of the spirit of Romanticism and the forest as an artistic fantasy projection surface, with intoxicatingly blurred boundaries of post-ambient infatuation and the impenetrable thicket of abstract atonality. The distant, iconic straight bass drum marching through highly condensed, abstract sounds taken from classical music by the sampler or modulated accordingly, and the enraptured gaze through pop art glasses into the hypnotic thicket of an imaginary forest, manifested over the years this unique connection of audio and visual, which to understand fully, then as now, would be neither possible nor desirable.

Quite the opposite. The album GAS - DER LANGE MARSCH once again invites us to follow the deep sounding bass drum, to give in to its irresistible pull into a psychedelic world of 1000 promises. In the process, the journey leads us past stations of memories sounding from afar, from "Zauberberg" to "Königsforst" and "Pop", from "Oktember" to "Narkopop" and "Rausch", back and forth, now and forever.

Way. Destination. Loop. - Forest loop.

No beginning. No end.