Various Artists
The Missing Boys - Selection of Sardinian Wave 1980-1989
Spittle Records
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“The Missing Boys” is a film born from the need to tell the story of the emergence and affirmation of a forgotten music scene, like much of the youth movement that spread in metropolitan areas as well as in the provinces more than forty years ago, dealing with the same critical issues of everywhere. It’s a story of mostly unknown bands, who from Sardinia, especially from Cagliari and Sassari, interrupt the blissful isolation of an island, only apparently distant from that revolution that ignited wherever there was a stage and a power socket. The birth of a path that began with punk and quickly transformed into a magmatic picture where research, experimentation, sound subversions and slivers of darkness, shape a multifaceted and unique scene in balance between affinities and divergences with its whole surroundings. The examined period between 1979 and 1989 marks a seminal decade, a ten years time-frame linked to an indelible generational transition, like an imaginary journey “from the ants to the clouds”, an invisible thread suspended between those kids and their great dream. This album contains music from a vibrant and uncompromising season, just like all that cannot be recognized as industrial product and maintains an independent spirit. (Davide Catinari)

Side A: FLIPSIDE (1980-1985)
1 The Look of Destiny - CRÊPESUZETTE (1982)
2 The Speechless Man - PHYSIQUE DU RÔLE (1983)
3 The Doll - POLARPHOTO (1982)
4 Make up - DÉMODÉ (1980)
5 All the Fancies - WELTANSCHAUUNG (1984)
6 My Only Fight - ICI ON VA FAIRE (1985)

Side B: HIPSIDE (1985-1989)
1 La Porta - ROSADELLECENERI (1985)
2 Darkest Before Dawn - VAPORE 36 (1987)
3 Domani - ANONIMIA (1989)
4 Io Trasformo - AGORÀ (1989)
5 Raving Mad - AUTOSUGGESTION (1988)
6 Sogni - QUARTZ (1987)
7 Attonito - MANIUMANE (1989)