Yuto Ohashi
空白-世界のうちの, 再生として / Loka:Immanence
Includes Instant Download
printed j-card, 100 copies
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1Wild Card 1:50
2ナ_ テァ, ムフォニ 1:32
3あこがれ 1:50
4再生(幾重にも重なる...) 2:57
5夢, 余白のはるけさ 4:12
6Quantum 2:02
7Hologramm in dem Schlaf 5:14
8境目を縫うように(身体をあげた--) 7:57

In 1968, Phillip K. Dick posed the question »Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?« Half a decade later, dystopian visions of a world governed by machines have long caught up with the uncanny reality we are currently living, one in which phones and computers guide our every move, and where our perceived sense of self-autonomy regularly happens to be nothing more than a meticulously conceived figment of machine learning.

For his debut release on Vaknar, Yuto Ohashi's dives deep into the digital ether by contrasting a pervasive atmosphere of machinery blips and appliance clatter with dreamlike, angelic drones, all coalesced by what seems like the constant underpinnings of nebulous AI dialogue – forming the premise of a natural world submerged in virtual slumber.