Serotonin II
Bayonet Records
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1Your Shadow 1:19
2Poison Arrow 4:21
3#Eva 3:35
4See You Space Cowboy 1:15
5Pixel Affection 3:39
6Nuclear War Post IV 0:50
7Pocky Boy 4:01
8Pretty Bones 4:33
9Reverie 4:44
10Blue Butterfly 3:53
11An Angel Held Me Like a Child 4:22
12Veil of Darkness 4:55

yeule's 2019 debut album, now on vinyl. yeule is the manifested reflection of Nat Cmiel. An ongoing project since 2012, yeule's music is as ethereal as it dynamic, reflective of their nomadic upbringing. Though they grew up and attended school in Singapore for most of their life, her family travelled often, developing emotional connections with places far from home that left her searching, unmoored. Obsessed with tinkering and discovery, she began building her own synths. There is a complex, intuitive, and deeply personal nature to her music making. With a launchpad, keyboard and microphone yeule morphs original cinematic classical compositions into electronica.