Kate NV
Room for the Moon
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1Not Not Not 5:16
2Du Na 4:49
3Sayonara (Full Moon Version)6:27
4Ça Commence Par 3:16
5Marafon 15 5:23
6Tea (Full Cup Version)3:40
7Lu Na 4:37
8Plans 5:38
9If Anyone's Sleepy 3:22
10Telefon 4:37

On Room for the Moon, Kate NV follows the muse of music from one chamber of illusion to the next, harmonizing lunar lullabies with a starry compositional choreography. Conjured from unlived memories of 70s and 80s Russian and Japanese pop music and film, Room for the Moon is a 20th century fairy tale suspended in time like a moon torn from a paper sky.