Atonet / Moonilena
Boiling Sea
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1Atonet – Entropia 3:09
2Atonet – Globster 4:31
3Atonet – The Resolve 1:38
4Atonet – Extropia 4:46
5Atonet – Lesser Worlds 6:05
6Atonet – Hoborg 4:04
7Moonilena – Aral Pilotless 11:00
8Moonilena – Shore Leave 3:48

Atonet and Moonilena, also co-runners of the label, have collected a series of tracks on a cassette split, ‘Boiling Sea’.

The Atonet side of the split presents a series of monochromatic ambient and generative works, made with tape loops and various synthesis techniques.

Moonilena’s side contains a piece that she presented for the 100-year anniversary of late text-sound composer, artist and fighter pilot gone antimilitarist Åke Hodell. In it, she explores an imagined narrative in which a since long discarded signal intelligence system forgets its initial mission and starts producing underwater poetry, scrambled with random coordinate readings.