David Toop
Mondo Black Chamber
Sub Rosa
Includes Instant Download
Trifold digipack
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121st floor discotheque at 4 am 1:44
2soft cavities 5:49
3dream cargoes 8:21
4waxed skin 5:35
5apartment thunder [eros + sacrifice] 3:26
6nocturnal service shaft 8:56
7empty mall 1:01
8raw mouth shape 4:02
9automatic security procedures 2:40
10silver birds 2:24
11disposal chute inoperative 7:49
12plume, preceded by far off inside 4:00
1337th floor at sunset 5:11
14ill-faced doll [aozameta omozashi ni katadorare] 8:35
15brand new 2:22
16gored fig sacs 1:07
17blind eel priestess 5:00
18virtual pet #1 0:29
19air-con function 5:47
20poison incense 3:37
21the slapping gun 5:45
22ventilation shaft 1:16
23life in the folds 0:35
24watchtower data 7:49
25black chamber 2:22
26connection not enabled 1:03
27boneless 10:59
28tricyrtis latifolia 9:37
29koladé spirit 5:51

»Mondo Black Orchestra« collects complete series of works made by David Toop for Sub Rosa, recorded 1996-2003.

David Toop (born 5 May 1949) is an English musician and author, and as of 2001 was visiting Research Fellow in the Media School at London College of Communication. He was notably a member of The Flying Lizards. He released »New and Rediscovered Musical Instruments« (with Max Eatsley) on Brian Eno's Obscure label (1975) and many solo albums including »7th Floor at Sunset« (2000) and »Black Chamber« (2003) on Sub Rosa.

He was a prominent contributor to the British magazine The Face. He is a regular contributor to The Wire. Toop published his pioneering book on hip hop, »Rap Attack«, in 1984. Eleven years later, »Ocean of Sound« appeared, described as Toop's »poetic survey of contemporary musical life from Debussy through Ambient, Techno, and drum 'n' bass.«