Die Wände
Im Flausch
Späti Palace
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1Im Park und im Café 5:35
2Projektor 4:20
3Halten Sie Ihre Pläne geheim 1:56
411:55 7:36
5Im Automaten 6:57
6Schwitzen 4:35
7Alles Ist Klasse 2:44
8Formgedächtnispolymer 5:03

Carsten von Postel, Jann Petersen and Mathias Wolff found their band in 2013 while studying together at the UdK (University of Art, Berlin) on the basis of a tipsy euphoric SMS. At the time all band members come from different musical directions, are playing their respective instruments for the first time and start playing a brand of post-punk under the name "girlie". They play one of their first concerts in the since then demolished club Antje Øklesund and quickly find a home in its social and inclusive environment. In October 2015 they release their first self-titled EP on cassette & digital, tour and play at festivals (e.g. Jenseits von Millionen, c/o pop, Alinae Lumr and the Incubate in the Netherlands) via the Berlin label Späti Palace. Musikexpress nominates them as one of the best newcomers at the c/o pop Festival 2016. In the same year they release a 12” vinyl EP, with Berlin band Pigeon, TAZ, Berlin’s most respected newspaper, describes their sound as a continuation of 80s groups like Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth and The Wedding Present. In 2017-18 they start working on their debut album.

In the course of this process they decide to start working with German lyrics and release a first track ‚Im Automaten‘. The mood of the songs becomes more open, between the instrumental parts something like pop music springs up. Like the song ‚Im Park und im Café‘, which opens ‚Im Flausch‘: they've never been so elegant, so dreamy and yes, so poppy. In between, they let their feedback scream unperturbed, providing a "frischen Wind in stürmischen Zeiten“. They also recommend „zieh dir ein Jäckchen an, draußen ist es kalt“ before a noise attack hits in ‚11:55 Uhr'.

It's an unironic juxtaposition of rugged surfaces and inviting gestures, of noise and pop, of frustration (‚Halten Sie Ihre Pläne Geheim') and euphoria (the choirs!), yes of the grey world (even the one in yourself) and of something they could call utopia. What does it look like? „Alles ist weich / alles ist warm / alles ist leicht / alles ist behütet“ the choir sings in ‚Projektor‘ - only to be complemented by a dry „konturlos" that sounds like a rejection of the emerging escapism of the piece. No escape possible, instead: „Anspruch und Wirklichkeit haben Streit“ (‚11:55 Uhr'). The fleece that gives the title is a place of longing and a lethargy trap in one (‚Formgedächtnispolymer').

In the spring of 2018, in Prinzhofte, a municipality just outside Delmenhorst with just under 700 inhabitants, ‚Im Flausch' was recorded live in seven days in the attic of an empty farmhouse. While at night the hard North German wind whistled through the old timberwork of the house, the band and friends from the Flennen Collective - Alexander Günther (Molde) and Julius Berger (Go Lamborghini Go) who were commissioned to record the songs - slept on air mattresses in the midst of microphoned amplifiers and drums. Surrounded by nothing but paddocks and a small piece of woodland, the recording process was so intense and engaging that members of the band didn’t leave the house for days. One day after recording finished, the property was sold having lain empty for a long time. Vocal recordings and overdubs were made in the following weeks in a rehearsal room in Berlin-Lichtenberg, recorded by Christian Ramisch (NOJ), which is surrounded by communist-era blocks of flats. The band changed its name to Die Wände and thus ended its reinvention. The debut album of Die Wände will be released 8th March 2019 on vinyl and digitally by Späti Palace.