Robert Wyatt
Domino Records
REWIGLP45 / Includes Download Code
Widespin gatefold sleeve
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1WYATT, Robert – Heaps Of Sheeps
2WYATT, Robert – The Duchess
3WYATT, Robert – Maryan
4WYATT, Robert – Was A Friend
5WYATT, Robert – Free Will & Testament
6WYATT, Robert – September The Ninth
7WYATT, Robert – Alien
8WYATT, Robert – Out Of Season
9WYATT, Robert – A Sunday In Madrid
10WYATT, Robert – Blues In Bob Minor
11WYATT, Robert – The Whole Point Of No Return
12WYATT, Robert – Te Recuerdo Amanda
13WYATT, Robert – Yolanda
14WYATT, Robert – When Access Was A Noun
15WYATT, Robert – Fridge
16WYATT, Robert – Salt/Ivy
17WYATT, Robert – Signed Curtain (Plus Cornet)
18WYATT, Robert – September In The Rain
19WYATT, Robert – I Wonder How Your Breath Can Last

Shleep, originally released in 1997, features long-term collaborators and friends such as Brian Eno, Phil Manzanera, Annie Whitehead, Evan Parker and newer accomplices such as Paul Weller. It is as exuberating and immediate a record as Wyatt has ever recorded.