Various Artists
Panorama Bar 07 Part 1
Ostgut Ton
O-Ton 117
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1Falty DL - Paradox
2Jinjé - Big Skies
3Gen Ludd - Bloods Avalanche

The Panorama Bar mix series strikes back for its 7th installment with club veteran and psych- house maestro Andreas Baumecker aka nd_baumecker.

The mix includes 6 exclusive tracks, that are released here over two 12”s. FaltyDL kicks off Panorama Bar 07 | Part I with the appropriately titled “Paradox Garage Part 1 (With Your Love)”, blending US garage, breakbeats and chopped vocals. The alternative rhythms continue with Jinje´ (of Vessels fame) slowly building machine-funk anthem “Big Skies”, while the B-side is reserved for Gen Ludd’s dreamy, shutter-opener “Bloods Avalanche”.