Deadman's Ghost
The Broken Zoetrope
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1Deltaville 5:13
2All This Fleeting Magic 3:38
3Tandem Felix 3:36
4An Unviewed Strip Of Corroded Celluloid 5:13
5Amygdala (Defcon remix)3:36
6Lonely Planet (BEW remix)5:21
7Magick Roundabout (T-Polar remix)4:26
8Pathos (The Crimson Underground remix)4:35

Clear-transparent Vinyl, limited edition of 300 copies! The Broken Zoetrope is the debut full-length album of Deadman’s Ghost (formerly Deadman), the project spearheaded by Belfast musician Jason Mills, released by Umor Rex Records, it features four new compositions produced in collaboration with sound engineer David Baxter (aka Kab Driver) and four remixes by electronica artists affiliated with the Acroplane netlabel. The cinematic scope and stylistic experimentation which was acclaimed by reviewers of 2010’s Cerebral Frontier EP, drawing comparisons to Beck and David Holmes, is further refined on The Broken Zoetrope. Post-rock instrumentation and electronic soundscapes coalesce with all manner of other influences. ‘Deltaville’ builds around samples of random people recollecting their dreams and nightmares, recorded by Mills on the streets of Northern Ireland with a dictaphone; ‘All This Fleeting Magic’ mixes classical guitar scales with a shuffling funk drum break; ‘Tandem Felix’ bursts out of the speakers with overdriven pop hooks and sub-bass energy; the lyrics of ‘An Unviewed Strip of Corroded Celluloid’ conjure an apocalyptic scenario which renders futile our various attempts to capture our individual stories. On the flipside, remixes of Cerebral Frontier tracks by Irish beatmakers Defcon, Barry’s Electric Workshop, T-Polar and The Crimson Underground span from blissed-out electronica to dark, brooding psychedelia. Instruments and vocals from the original tracks are processed and used as a catalyst for exploring new sonic territories.