Various Artists
Rare Music From The Cometa's Archives # 1
Cometa Edizioni Musicali
LP (ltd.)
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1G. Carnini – Funny Mood
2S. Chimenti/E. Pieranunzi – Incessante
3M. Guantini – Giochi Della Gioventu' (M3)
4G. Carnini – Brain
5Teimar/G. Ducros – Mistery Tour
6W. Rizzato/S. Chimenti – Grumbling (#2)
7G. Tommaso – Dissenso
8Teimar – Movimenti Ritmici
9M. Guantini – Giochi Della Gioventu' (M1)
10M. Faneschi – Barcamenandoci (M25)
11S. Chimenti/G. Declich – Maison Verte

Killer percussion, superb jazz, odd global sound, beautiful library music. Yes, an amazing compilation of Italian library music from the SR catalogue, but we couldn't say SR or Sermi on it as it's all now owned by Cometa and they wouldn't allow it. Anyway, about £1000+ worth of music here, and not a duff track within earshot. Legendary composers too - Alessandroni, Torossi, De Masi, Marinuzzi Jnr etc.