I Shall Sing Until My Land Is Free
SONG07LP / Includes Download Code
180g vinyl
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1Stezhka 4:59
2Amulet 4:50
3Snaga 5:44
4Prosvit 5:16
5Vira 5:28
6Mitsni 4:13
7Sich 3:27
8Vyzvil 5:07
9Tsvit 2:56

Ability for the impossible.

Ukrainian folk instruments dissolve into abstract psychoactive sounds from the improvisational universe. The meditative engine of multi-instrumental music drives the magical means of influencing perception. This is the sonic amulet, which is decorated with radiant tones and the colorful ceremonial musical outline. Mythological music is spirited by epic historical times and ideas of freedom, dignity, and bravery. The acquired knowledge of ancient generations is infused into the present tense and crystallized into the art of liberation.

Transform pain into gratitude, fear into love, rage into action, self-importance into empathy, fatigue into inner peace, anxiety into courage, and hatred into strength. Say "no" to darkness and direct the light on it, disagree to compromise with yourself, create on the destroyed, free yourself from stipulations, believe in wonders, burn and resurrect free. Always remember your own path to walk. And plant the blossoming cherry tree in the funnel from the bomb on the heart.

Dedicated to free Ukraine.