A Life Is Everywhere
Editions Mego
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1Time To Fall 8:09
2My Drift Is A Ghost 5:04
3To A Dying Star 6:10
4Interruptum 8:07
5As If We Had Once Been 3:43
6On A Pure Plane 8:28

'A Life Is Everywhere' is an ecstatic mix of rhythm, noise, drone, texture and melody. Simultaneously heartfelt and not for the faint hearted.
Within their self contained world Cindytalk continue the unique trajectory that has purveyed their career starting in 1982. This instalment further explores the fearsome terrain that was initiated with previous Editions Mego releases such as 'The Crackle of my Soul' and 'Hold Everything Dear'. Throughout the 6 tracks on offer the standard fair of music is run through serious level processes leaving, taking rhythm and sound to extreme limits whilst always retaining trace elements of their core. Ringing bells are interrupted by artefacts from shredded sound matter, euphoric chords are swamped by chopped rhythms which succumb to an endless storm of electronic bliss. Utopia has never been so bold. The unique positioning of Cindytalk's output over a 30+year period is a testament to the will to explore. Unfettered by trend, taste and desire. This is unadulterated expression, a future music for those willing to confront the future as a viable option.