Mike Majkowski
Four Pieces
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1Spark 12:07
2Spin 8:51
3Drift 10:05
4Dive 9:29

I could count my visits to nightclubs on the fingers of one hand. I therefore have few memories of them, if any. Though I can’t account for the idea, I imagine that Mike’s music could be emanating from one of these clubs where I’ve not been; one that would have been deserted hours before. There, the music would have lingered on in slow-motion, repetitively. And there I would have woken up, crazed and unable to remember any recent events.

The creator of a treacherous music, somewhat akin to mist with its deeply immersive beauty, Mike Majkowski develops repetitive structures in constant mutation; addictive and layered. In this new album soberly entitled Four Pieces, Majkowski further probes spectral qualities of resonance, duration, auditory perceptions, and relationships between pulse and stillness. The slowly evolving motifs he unfolds create a progressive and long-lasting addiction.

Mike Majkowski is a double bassist and composer from Sydney, based in Berlin. Active across a wide spectrum of contemporary music since the early 2000s, he has released music with numerous projects, including the group Lotto. Four Pieces is his eleventh solo recording.

All tracks recorded, written & produced by Mike Majkowski. Mastered by Marta Salogni. Artwork by Morgan Cuinet. Layout by Romain Barbot.