David Toop
Pink Spirit, Noir World
Foam On A Wave
Gatefold sleeve
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1Ceremony Viewed Through Iron Slit
2Almost Transparent Blue
4Lime Leaves
5Sleeping Powder
6Slow Loris Versus Poison Snail
7Mixed Blood
8Sugar Frosted Charcoal Scene
9Aether Talk
10Mamba Point
11Phantoms Keeping Watch
12Spirits Shimmered Among The Live People

»My intention with this music was to create an alchemy of the studio, to bring together impossible sounds, global voices and stories, obscure ethnographic narratives, new and ancient technologies, human and non-human species...« - David Toop

A new library series with an 12-track selection of music from David Toop, compiling pieces from the albums originally released on Virgin, »Pink Noir« (1996) and »Spirit World« (1997). This LP compiles the essence of this fruitful period into a new form. The two albums share an unabashed openness to new sonic possibilities. Few recordings convey such a spirit of optimism; from a time when creation could be as free, unconstrained and ambitious. These albums are remarkable in both their harnessing of new recording technologies, and their weaving together a melting-pot of genres and influences that traverse the globe across centuries of musical tradition into something distinctly novel.