The Humble Bee
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LP (clear)
Edition of 250 copies, 180g vinyl, risograph printed sleeve, PVC outer sleeve
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1On the stroke of the dark, keeper of the light, beacon for the heart 19:57
2Extinguished light 19:31

Craig Tattersall made quite a name for himself by offering a series of consistent releases on his own imprints Cotton Goods and Other Ideas. After more than 5 years of silence, our favourite bee is finally back with 2 new full length albums: Daymark and Nightmark. Both albums are made around the same time and can be seen as complementary odes to these different and opposite parts of the day.

In the same vein as his previous releases, each album consists of 2 long form pieces in which melancholic piano tape loops are mixed with subtle electronic arrangements. The combination of both results in the typical lo-fi textured Humble Bee sound for which he is known and praised for. Without providing any additional information on the music, the listener is left with 80 minutes of music which gladly take you on a new and most welcome sonic adventure.