Joachim Nordwall
Healing Music 7-12
Otomatik Muziek
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1Healing Music 7 4:18
2Healing Music 8 7:04
3Healing Music 9 6:36
4Healing Music 10 6:10
5Healing Music 11 5:14
6Healing Music 12 6:02

Renowned swedish artist Joachim Nordwall is back on Otomatik Muziek with his latest album, "Healing Music II", which sonically follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, "Healing Music," also launched on OM back in 2022.

"Healing Music II" is a testament to Nordwall's commitment to exploring the meditative aspects of organized noise and techno. Much like the first installment, this album delves into textures, minimalist compositions, and ethereal dub, but not from an ambient POV. Its solace and tranquility comes directly from a deep love and substantial exploration of noise filtered through rhythm machines. First, he establishes a stable sound environment, then he sparsely adds, subtracts and changes small parts to great impact. This is skeletal club music. This is hypnotic sonic science.

In sum, "Healing Music II" not only pays homage to Joachim Nordwall's extensive body of work, but also propels him deeper into the territories of dub. This album, much like his entire oeuvre, showcases his dedication to pushing the boundaries of musical expression, making it a must-listen for music enthusiasts seeking innovative and cutting-edge experimentalism.