Nein + Nein
Otomatik Muziek
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Edition of 80 tapes, hand-dubbed
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1Verbeamtungszauber 9:13
2Almanvirus 7:47
3Ibuprofane Existence 7:26
4Europa 2 (Extended Version)17:10
5Typisch German Dance 6:44

What is no+no? Is it a definitive no to the madness and decay of democracy surrounding us? Is it a negative yes to another reality? Is it an affirmation of a change to come? Somewhere between feedback loops, pitched down vocals, distorted dub, cosmic synths, primitive beats and drone guitars there might be an answer.

On their 6th release, DRNTTCKS for the first time deviated from their usual practice of recording all sessions directly and just editing around edges. During the lockdowns they found themselves in a situation wholly different to their improv approach - alone in the rehearsal room, they listened to what the other has recorded. All based on lose structures that were conceived during the last row of live shows before the shit hit the fan, these songs took shape brick by brick/take by take, resulting in a much more straight forward, defined sound which received an additional heavyweight fidelity treatment from OLO Mastering Berlin.

The freeform noise surfaces of past releases fade into the background in favor of slowed-down proto-techno beats and repetitive bass lines, catching the harsh, immersive vibe of DRNTTCKS' pre-pandemic live concerts, and function as the sonic equivalent of the quagmire of chaos we reside in.