DJ Travella
Mr Mixondo
Nyege Nyege Tapes
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1Crazy Beat Music Umeme 1 3:40
2Fl Beat 3:08
3Crazy Beat Music Umeme 2 3:00
4Tambasana 1:56
5Chapa Bakola Music Bass 3:11
6Dope2 3:22
7London Bandcamp 2:24
821212 2:59
9Good Beat 3:22
10London Uwoteeee 2:58
11Beat Kikosi 3:15
12London Jomon Beat 4:02
13Kaz0 3:52

At only 19 years old, Dar Es Salaam's DJ Travella represents a new wave of singeli producers who are driving Tanzania's breakneck dance sound into fresh, innovative spaces. Unaffiliated with any of the well-known studios like Sisso and Pamoja, Hamadi Hassani's music points singeli's fusion of taraab and techno towards the stars, locating a cyber-singeli style that's dense, kinetic and unashamedly sexy.

Hassani started producing at 15, and a few years later his debut is a jagged set of hi-nrg dance music that pulls influence from across the globe, folding together elements of dembow, rave, R&B, and trap. But nothing's straightforward: opening track »Crazy Beat Music Umeme 2« juxtaposes grinding 200bpm rhythmic intensity with urgent plucked strings, sounding like Timbaland conjuring a Thunderdome soundtrack for a Tanzanian street party.

»Crazy Beat Music Umeme 4« is even more barbed, with neon rave synths and hand-jammed percussion that's one part 808 Mafia and one part DJ Diaki. On 'London Bandcamp', Travella meshes hi-speed singeli backbeats with downtempo dembow kicks, squeezing out unexpected sleaze in the process, while on »London Uwoteeee« there's an almost romantic sparkle, with ethereal vocals draped across woodblock cracks and whistles.

But Travella sounds most nimble when giving the nod to Atlanta, and his merging of earworm synth hooks and neck-snapping East African rhythms on tracks like 'London Jomon Beat' will leave no doubt that the young producer is capable of bending singeli completely to his will.