São Paulo Underground & Tupperwear
Saturno Mágico
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1Papa Gamba 0:53
2Fajana 6:18
3Guanabanach 5:27
4Los Realejos Underground 2:24
5Hal 2845 1:08
6Perequén 9:13

Brazilian-American power trio São Paulo Underground (Rob Mazurek, Mauricio Takara & Guilherme Granado) align their chakras with Tenerife electronic pranksters Tupperwear (Mladen Kurajica & Daniel Garcia) for an anything goes EP session of tropical jazz, Chicago post rock and general head scratching psych chants.

Recorded live in 2016 in a disused kerosene tank in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands after a week long residency. Now recompiled by the Keroxen label and presented here in its ripest form, certified ready for human consumption.

Each member plays multiple roles in creating Saturno Mágico’s unique organic evolving sound. Mazurek plays cornet and modular synths; Takara’s on drums, cavaquinho and electronics, whilst Granado plays keyboards, synthesizers, and sampler. Tupperwear add to the organic flow with Kurajica on various synths and keyboards whilst Garcia excels on electronics, live sampling, guitar and voices.

Another unique document from the Keroxen Label, exponential Island music and insular collaborations spilled out onto the world – so much more to come, blink it and you’ll miss!