Sonic Youth
Simon Werner A Disparu
Sonic Youth Records
SYR09LP / Includes Download Code
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1Thème de Jérémie 4:30
2Alice et Simon 2:39
3Les Anges au piano 3:31
4Chez Yves (Alice et Clara)3:33
5Jean-Baptiste à la fenêtre 3:05
6Thème de Laetitia 6:01
7Escapades 3:05
8La Cabane au Zodiac 2:08
9Dans les bois _ M. Rabier 5:51
10Jean-Baptiste et Laetitia 1:18
11Thème de Simon 3:52
12Au Café 5:33
13Thème d_Alice 13:08

In Spring 2010 Sonic Youth gathered at their Echo Canyon West studio in Hoboken, New Jersey to watch the rushes of a new film, ‘Simon Werner a Disparu,’ by French director Fabrice Gobert. The band spent the following few weeks recording music which was then shaped to fit the various scenes of the film. For this release it was decided to do more than present the abbreviated clips of music used in the film. Instead the band went back to the original tapes and re-organized the various pieces; sometimes montaging multiple tracks together, other times extending cues into new sonic realms.