Arab Strap
I’m totally fine with it 👍 don’t give a fuck anymore 👍
Rock Action Records
LP (yellow)
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Almost 28 years after their debut, Arab Strap have never sounded more essential, and this new record is a fierce testament to their laser focus on wider horizons. Written and performed exclusively by Malcolm Middleton and Aidan Moffat, and finessed with longtime collaborator Paul Savage, the album furthers the band’s transformation from swooning, slow-core romantics to raging, alt-pop chroniclers.

»I'm totally fine with it 👍 don't give a fuck anymore 👍« may sound like the title of an album by a band giving up (it’s just a text from the band’s live drummer that Moffat thought was funny), but in reality it’s an album that stands to clearly define a new creative period for Arab Strap. With the band having recently wrapped up a tour celebrating the 25th anniversary of their 1998 album »Philophobia«, this new album feels charged by a desire to move forward and explore new terrain.