DJ Black Low
Uwami II
Awesome Tapes From Africa
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1Alone In A Dark (feat DJ La Bengwa) (feat DJ La Bengwa)
2Sbono (feat DJ LaBengwa, Licy Jay & Menate Entertainment vocal mix) (feat DJ LaBengwa, Licy Jay & Menate Entertainment vocal mix)
3Down The Road (feat DJ LaBengwa) (feat DJ LaBengwa)
4Vula Vala
560 Days No Sleep
6Gijima (feat Statah & Daff Gee - vocal mix) (feat Statah & Daff Gee - vocal mix)

»Uwami II« collects the tracks that weren't featured on the the vinyl version of DJ Black Low's breakthrough debut Uwami (2021), but were only released digitally.

DJ Black Low burst on the international scene last year with »Uwami«, a collection of his early, downright avant-garde amapiano work. The young producer and DJ makes electronic music that sounds like nothing else: glitchy and fierce while smooth and soulful, all under the rubric of South Africa’s most-exported dance music movement to date. Now comes »Uwami II«, which features the rest of the tracks from the acclaimed debut plus a new song »Gijima.«

The Pretoria, South Africa-based artist has more work in the pipeline as we present these inimitable songs for the first time on vinyl.