Adriaan de Roover
Other Rooms
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1Yet 2:31
2Homebound 3:59
3L'air perdu 5:30
4Practice time 1:23
5Dank u 4:31
6Nudge forward 6:09
7Other rooms 5:38

»Other Rooms« is an uncompromisingly adventurous and engaging listen. It manages the rare feat of remaining concise while brimming with detail and inventiveness.

Ten years into a multifaceted career in experimental sound, Belgium’s Adriaan de Roover presents »Other Rooms«, his second solo album and a product of the thoroughly unexpected things we all experience, from societal freeze to the dissolution of individual relationships. Originally recorded for a performance with Fennesz at Église Notre-Dame de Laeken in 2020, »Other Rooms« was reworked into its final form in 2023. De Roover notes an inspiration from »looking at different versions of a life, sitting in a space between them; a constant focus on those alternate things... What if, what if.« It is introspective music informed by a desire for connection to oneself, to others, and to the boundless scale of everything else.

»Other Rooms« is Adriaan’s second outing through the acclaimed Dauw imprint, which is also the home to Midori Hirano, Dylan Henner, H.Takahashi, Lieven Martens and Taylor Deupree. Stepping back from rhythm-oriented motifs, this latest work is a concise but varied collection of weightless melodies and expertly sculpted, computerized soundscapes.